Healthcare & Insurance

About unifyit


The Emerging Blockchain based and a fully digitalized decentralized storage for healthcare data. Our aim is to unify Healthcare Data Integration, Management and interoperability by creating a standard for the complicated healthcare system.

Say no to physical hard copies of medical reports in this digital age. We decentralize the patient's medical information across our partnered Healthcare providers. No more registration hassle. Securely share the medical history with the doctor.

A better understanding of patient medical condition prior by a doctor would drive a faster and better cure.

Data is 100% secured and cannot be tampered anytime. Also an all time access of medical records provided for a patient and also any other healthcare provider globally.

Salient Features:

  • Fully blockchain based decentralized storage which will make sure the data can’t be tampered
  • Digitizing every part of healthcare system hence reducing the paperwork
  • A Unique identification of a patient with Single digital health identity assigned globally
  • Healthcare providers can easily identify the patient visited and have the digital medical records stored in their global identity
  • All the patients will have the leverage of sharing their medical information with the doctors or any other medical providers (like insurance providers) in a highly secured fashion
  • KYP - Know Your Patient before for a better treatment
  • Graphical visualisation of patients health data compared to previous history to track the progress and assess the health
  • One click access to patient’s complete medical records (provided the access by the patient)
  • We offer descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and diagnostic analytics for the healthcare providers which would help understand or improve the current business scenario
  • Insurance providers can access the patients data (provided the access by the patient) to offer a better insurance plan
  • An online doctor consultation with a video calling feature helps the patient interact with the doctor at his convenient place and time
  • A fully controlled access to healthcare providers over the features offered