Remote Tracker

About Employee Tracker


A decentralized employee work tracking application built on the Emerging Blockchain. Staff work monitoring made easy with us. Our simple and accurate work tracking software will help you on easy time tracking and stress free work monitoring which will internally help you focus more on business growth and less on work monitoring.

Work monitoring could be simplified on Project and Task basis to easily track the total time spent on a particular task and a project associated with it. This will help analysing the time and money spent on a particular project and the resources assigned.

We provide a simple and effective remote employee work tracker software supported for Mac, Windows and Linux which will be installed in the employee machine to record his work progress.

Salient Features:

  • A cloud based web app to monitor all the work progress per project/task/employee
  • Lightweight desktop apps that won’t slow down the machine performance
  • Project and task based recording
  • A regular time and screenshot recorders
  • Automatic payroll system
  • Monitor most time spent projects/tasks daily/weekly/monthly
  • Download manual/scheduled reports
  • One click access to patient’s complete medical records (provided the access by the patient)
  • Geo location based monitoring
  • Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and diagnostic analytics would help understand or improve the current business