Media Streaming & Gaming


Blockchain has got enormous potential to video content / streaming distributors, gaming service providers, AR/VR content distributors by decentralizing their content such that the providers are as close as possible to the consumers and to improve user experience by providing high availability and low latency by globally distributing content through a secured network of proxy servers and data centers.

Blockchains and smart contracts are used to decentralize accounting and payments while also enabling trustless Quality checks. Next generation multimedia dApps with more than basic transactional requirements that don’t wish to rely on existing centralized infrastructure can benefit from the decentralized storage, CDN services and advertising solutions provided by us. The relay nodes providers are ensured that their earnings go directly into their pockets by incentivising the provided service with Crypto tokens.

Our ongoing work provides the following features:

  • Provides high performance and availability of streaming content
  • Indexing of the popular content based on region, by applying appropriate predictive algorithms
  • Decentralized streaming market
  • Low-latency data retrieval
  • Preventing privacy violations
  • Easy integration with web applications, mobile applications and dApps
  • Elimination of congestion and delay
  • Powers a strong immutability and auditability feature
  • Token-based exchange system